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Welcome to the 2011 One Block Swap

Page history last edited by Jody Cull 12 years, 8 months ago

The HGTV Crazy Ladies have been at it again, lead by our crazy leader Nickilee. Nineteen women created beautiful 12.5" crazy quilted blocks. Each person signed up indicated their theme. Names were drawn, each person created a block based on their partners theme.


Here are the match ups:


ROSENANA, theme: Flowers, created by Nicki Lee

CQWANNABE, theme: Cottage Shabby Chic/Periwinkle, created by Timecard24

TORYAM, theme: Underwater, created by Alexemmarose

HEADIELAMAR, theme: Butterflies /Blue, created by Gonesewin

ALEXEMMAROSE, theme: Cream on Cream / Shabby Chic, created by LRMart

LRMART, theme: Ocean, created by luvthosequilts

NICKI, theme: Garden flowers/Soft Shabby Chic, created by Carmellady

QUILTINGNEWBIE, theme: Purple & Greens, created by Quiltaholic

CARMELLADY, theme: Angels/Fairies/Red/Blue & Green, created by Ely

GONESEWIN, theme: Sunset, created by LovetoQuilt

SHAWKL, theme: Roses, created by Headielamar

LUVTHOSEQUILTS , theme: Christmas? shabby chic?lighthouses/oceans? enchanted fairy tALES? would it be too much pressure on the person who gets my name to say it is your choice? whatever you want to do???? OR...choose one that I have listed here????, created by Roseanna

LADYJ66, theme: Hearts/Roses/ Pinks & Greens, created by Monasent

MONASENT, theme: Blue Willow(Blue & White only), created by CQ Wannabe

QUILTAHOLIC, theme: Fall/Orange/Golden Brown/Reds/Green, created by Shawkl

TIMECARD24, theme: Pinks/Green/Angels/Flowers, created by Joy110

LOVETOQUILT, theme: Blue/Aqua/Ocean, created by Quiltingnewbie

JOY110, theme: Girly, soft pinks, creams/lavender&green, created by LadyJ66

ELY, theme: Cottage Garden/Fairies/Roses, created by Toryam



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