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CQ Needlecase - Caroline


Needlecase made by Caroline using lessons posted on the CQWiki.


CQ Mitten Ornament - CQwannabe (mitten pattern)

CQ Sewing Kit - Nickilee (instructions.pdf)

CQ Evening Clutch - Keep You In Stitches (instructions.pdf)

CQ Heart Gift Card Holder - CQwannabe

Looking for a pretty way to give a gift card?


7" x 7" piece of muslin (foundation piece)

6" heart template (download pdf)

4-5 pieces of fabric

CQ beads, buttons, embellishments, fibers, lace, etc.

Needles, sizes depending on thickness of floss/fibers used

Print the heart template and cut it out. Trace the heart on the muslin. On the back of the heart drawing piece your CQ block. When you have finished piecing your block, stitch a 1/3"-1/2" basting stitch around the heart. Trim out the heart and zig-zag around the edges of the trimmed out heart.

Embellish with seam treatments, beads, lace, and buttons etc. When you have finished embellishing your heart cut a heart (from the template) from plain/coordinating fabric. This will be the backing to your heart gift card holder. Cut one half heart pocket (from the template), from plain/coordinating fabric.

Fold and press under 1/4" (twice) the top of the half heart pocket piece.

Lay the half heart pocket on top if the heart back (back of half heart to the front of the hearts backing).

Pin the cq heart and heart backing right sides together. Stitch 1/4" around the heart, leaving 2" open on one side (to turn right side out).

Clip seams/curves and turn right-side out. Hand stitch the opening closed.

Front of CQ Heart Gift Card Holder

Back/Pocket of CQ Heart Gift Card Holder


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