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HGTV 2009 One Block Swap

Page history last edited by Jody Cull 14 years, 4 months ago

Welcome to the HGTV 2009 One Block Swap main page. click on the links below for some awesome "cq eye candy".


GREAT JOB "Crazy Ladies" everyone put a lot of love and talent into these blocks.


Once again Nickilee hosted/organized the HGTV "My Favorite Things" One Block Swap. 49 crazy ladies signed up listing their favorite things. Nicki, with the assistance of her DH, she drew names matching CQers to make a block for someone based on their favorite things.


My favorite thing about this swap is that it is open to anyone who wants to participate. There are "Newbies" in this swap, this is their first CQ block. Everyone in this group is very encouraging and helpful.


Click one the links below to view the AWESOME work of these "Crazy Ladies". The first name listed created the block for the second name listed next to a description of their favorite things. 


Pages include: Sneak Peeks - small areas of the block in progress, Completed Block, and Detailed area close ups of the completed block.


1. KATIEMEDARLIN -NickiLee - All shades of blues, greens,light pinks & purples, beige, dragonflies and fans


2. DECPAINTER -Quiltingnewbie - Cottage like, shabby chic, flowers, meadow, soft, girlie


3. SCLADY -NicuNurse - Shabby Chic, Girlie


4. FISHINGWIDOW -Monasent - Creams, pink & white, Victorian, lacey, romantic (no other colors)


5. BLUESNAIL -IThinkSew - Old fashion pin-up girls, lace, crystals, sexy stuff


6. NEICY -AlexemmaRose- Whites, ivories, silver, gold & copper “ I am not a ruffly, heart or butterfly person”


7. QUILTNANNY -Shawkl - Floral, Fairies


8. OWENJULESMOMMY -Shey - Ocean theme- blues, teals, aquas, maybe a little purple -mermaids, seashells.. treasure chests that kinda thing. No big ruffly lace on it.. in fact i would prefer it to have very little lace on it.. as for colours.. stick with oceany colours.. (ie.. obviously.. no orange.. )


9. NANCYSEWS -DecPainter - Dragonflies, butterflies, hummingbirds, ladybugs, honeybees, fairies -if it flits, flies, or floats, I love it! No"ruffly," or "gathered" laces, but any other flat laces are just fine. No orange.


10. JOY -Brinnsmom - Burgandy, Mauve, pink, sage, cream - Early victorian, lace & beads


11. PURPLEBUTTERFLY- Carmellady - All fabrics in Blues. It can be done with white or ivory laces and Victorian with angels if you want and teals reds and blues


12. SHAWANA -Katiemedarlin - Victorian, white, very light pastels only. I LOVE beads, flowers, lace, totally "girlie"


13. TXWILDFLOWER -Quiltaholic - Antique Memories/Photos of my 2 grandmothers on fabric to be sent to whomever gets my name (to be used in construction of the block). All shades of antiquey browns and golds for fabrics.


14. LOVETOQUILT - Gonesewin - Fairies, No blue


15. IBSEWIN - Headielamar - Sunflowers


16. CARMELLADY - Everythingquilts - French Country style, toile, checks, stripes, blank & cream white w/touch of red


17. CHARMINGSISTER -Expatquilter - New England, Autumn


18. BRINNSMOM - Fishingwidow - Black, dark grey, some dark purple, elegant look (will be an envening bag)


19. EXPATQUILTER - OwenJulesMommy - Aqua, teal, brown & white


20. QUILTAHOLIC -Purple Butterfly -Jades, teal, aqua's , ok to use a little purple or lavendar. Theme is nothing particular. No bugs or spiders. Nothing "sexy". I like lace.


21. MONASENT -Irish62 - Soft pinks, chocolate


22. GONESEWING - CQWannabe - Vintage, greens, burgandy - no machine embroidery, cartoons or juvenile fabric or embellishments


23. CALIFSHRIMP- Bluesnail - Autumn, jewel tones, brights, orange - no cottons


24. EVERYTHINGQUILTS - Ely - Fairies, flowers, pink, lilac, soft yellow, peach, soft blues, greens & pinks – Romantic – “soft like the wind blowing through your hair and the flower petals flying”


25. LISATX -Boricua2 – Wild animals, safarie, dark colors – black, browns, green, burgandy


26. BJEANNES - SCLady - "Settle Woman" cream, whites, soft gold, soft pink and very small hint of very pale green


27. QUILTINGNEWBIE - SassyNeedlePusher - White on white, ROMANTIC (celebrating 31 years of marriage) (ok to use some color as accent)


28. EMB15724 - IBSewin - The colors of autumn-I love the fall blooms, leaves, and pumpkins!


29. LUVTHOSEQUILTS - bjeannes - Summer, flowers, rock gardens, pools/ponds, trees, any color, birds


30. SHEY - emb115724 - Vintage look - shades of browns & tans


31. SASSYNEEDLEPUSHER - Tisme - Dark colors, blacks, deep purples, dark shades of red, deep blues, any shades that are dark.


32. MELINDA - LovetoQuilt - Pinks, blues, teals & lavender. Something towards the water theme.


33. LADYJ66 - Nancysews - Nurse, Thermometer, syringe, stethoscope, pill bottles, blood pressure cuff, ekg tracings, scale, prescription pad, medical emblem. White pieced foundation with red and black embellishments and stitching.


34. ITHINKSEW -LRMart – Country kitchen – Red & whites


35. BORICUA2 - Luvthosequilts - Fairy Tales, Fantasy, pastel colors - some dark color for accents


36. LRMART - Califshrimp - Dragons and Beads Bright Brilliant tones of: Purples, Hot Pink, Fushia, Peacock Blue, Teal -DON'T WANT: browns, tans, whites, creams, black, pastels or light soft colors


37. SHAWKL - TXWildflower - Cottage like, shabby chic, flowers, gardens, meadow, soft, girlie girl, fairies, angels, dragonflies, butterflies, spiders, dog, etc...lol... Preferably no cotton or synthetics or wide thin lace. I like satin, silk, moire, velvet....


38. CQWANNABE - LadyJ66 - Creams, soft pinks and greens - angels, hearts and flowers.


39. NICUNURSE - QuiltNanny – French Country, Blue, white, pale yellow, cotton, checks, dots, plaids, toile ok – No laces, aquas or greeny blues.


40. MRS. C - LisaTX - Garden theme - all sorts of flowers,any spring and summer colors. Ladybugs are great of course . If my partner wants to include any pictures of my girls in the flowers, I can send them by e-mail.


41. ALEXEMMAROSE - Mrs. C - Soft pink, beige, greens, creams (no white) soft burgandy - girlie girlie


42. NICKILEE - Shawana - Light pinks, greens, ivories...those kinds of colors. No red or bright colors -Shabby Chic, Victorian


43. ELY - Shirl1254 - Deep jewel tones, flowers, lace, beads, charms, pretty buttons & stitches


44. SHIRL1254- Joy - Soft pinks & sages (light to dark) ivories and creams


45. HEADIELAMAR - Neicy - Pastels, creams, shabby chic, dainty, floral, beads


46. IRISH62 - Melinda - Jewel tone colors in a theme of earth & night sky - gardening (cottage garden), lots of flowers & trees, butterflies, dragonflies, stars, clouds & a moon in the night sky & stars No pastels for flowers.


47. TISME - Charmingsister - Blue, purple, birds & cats. (simple CQ)


48. MS.BANANAS - Nmblfingers - To be decided


49. NMBLFINGERS - Ms. Bananas - Blue, teals & purple

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