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CQ Links: Blogs, Tutorials, and Online Shops

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CQ Lessons and Challenge Bloggers


List of blogs created and maintained by members of the CQ Lessons and Challange Group


Books: Beading

Embroidery with beads, beaded motifs, ETC.


Books: Trimming

with crochet, tatting, bobbin lace, needlelace, punch-needle motifs, tassels, etc.


Books: Surface Design & Techniques

Painting, printing, overdyeing, fabric manipulation, imagery, stamping ...


Online Books   (more links to be added)

Scanned images from rare old magazines, copyright free images, drawings, tutorials to clean up images ....


Online Shops

Links to places that sell CQ embellishments


Lesson 2

Basic Stitches


Lesson 4 and 5

Beads, Buttons, Charms


Lesson 6

Spider Webs


Lesson 7

Ribbons, Lace, and Trims


Lesson 12

Brazilian Embroidery / Stumpwork


Lesson 14



Lesson 15



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