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Books: Trimming

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Trimming with crochet, tatting, bobbin lace, needlelace, punch-needle

motifs, tassels, etc.


101 Thread Crochet Embellishments

Delsie Rhoades (ASN#1236)

An array of motifs from angels to animals to hearts and holiday designs. Designed

after seeing some antique crocheted flowers that were worn on the lapels of lady's suits in the 1800s.


101 Motifs for Thread Crochet

by Kelly Robinson, Kathy Wesley, Mary Ann Frits & Delsie Rhoades

American School of Needlework Publication #1231


101 Small Doilies American School of Needlework

Crocheting small-size doilies (ranging in diameter from about 3.5 to 5 inches) with thread and a steel crochet hook.


An Introduction to Battenberg Lace and Victorian Treasures Two books by author: Dianna Best


Battenburg and Point Lace

Nellie Clarke Brown (edited by Jules & Kaethe Kliot)

Battenberg lace utilizes a pre-made tape in this popular needle lace technique. This republication of the 1912 PRISCILLA BATTENBERG AND POINT LACE BOOK is the most complete Battenberg Lace book currently available with a full description of over 100 stitches and a catalog of over 100 traditional lace designs from the 1900's, all currently available. Includes collars, handkerchiefs, tie ends, decorative motifs,



Bobbin Lace Patterns in Torchon: A Student's Workbook

edited by Jules & Kaethe Kliot

A set of 15 handsome torchon patterns taken from a 19th c. work book. Creative edgings, borders and insertions for a wide range of uses. Paper patterns with photographs of each.


Color & Texture in Needlelace

Ros Hills

The theories of color, design and texture for those interested in developing original works from traditional techniques. The reader is guided through step by step stages in design.


Complete Book of Tatting

Rebecca Jones

Detailed instructions for five basic methods of tatting with patterns and projects for both beginner and expert. All designs are charted for ease of working. In-depth instruction given for needle tatting.


Crochet: Edgings & Insertions

Eliza A. Taylor and Belle Robinson

The complete unabridged Priscilla manuals (Books 1 and 2) from 1913-1916, representing the most complete resource of early 20th century designs including Irish crochet, reticella. filet, cluny and novelty braid techniques.


Crochet: More Edgings

edited by Jules & Kaethe Kliot

Another selection of turn-of-the-century patterns from several pattern books.


Crochet Edgings & More

edited by Jules & Kaethe Kliot

A selection of turn-of-the-century patterns from several pattern books.


Easy Tatting

Rozella Florence Linden

Small florals


Everywoman's Complete Guide to Tatting

edited by Barbara Foster

All projects suitable for both needle and shuttle tatting. 100+ designs. Originally published in 1952.


Introduction to Bobbin Lacemaking

Rosemary Shepherd

Excellent for beginners, containing diagrams and exercises teaching basic techniques of lace making. Includes tips on such things as winding bobbins and making a

cushion to work the lace on.


Irish Crochet Lace: Instructions and Designs

edited by Jules & Kaethe Kliot

A reprint of portions of three 1900's manuals, including the original DMC Irish Crochet Lace. A complete explanatory work on Irish crochet designs with instructions, history, technique, materials and care.


Knotted Lace in the Eastern Mediterranean Tradition

Elena Dickson/Milner

Craft Series Create lace trims, doilies, edgings, ornaments, etc., using only a needle and thread. Very inexpensive and easy technique to learn.


L'Art de la Passementerie

Catherine Donzel and Sabine Marchal (French Text)

A magnificently illustrated discourse on tassles and passementerie in relation to contemporary styles and manufacture from 17th c. to present.


Lucet Braiding: Variations on a Renaissance Cord

Elaine Fuller

Explorations beyond the common square cord using multiple threads, beads, gimp and ribbon, making spiral, flat and picot cords for trims, embroidery and costume accessories. Fully illustrated.


Magic of Free-Motion Embroidery

Doreen Curran

From basics to advanced techniques covering dimensional and openwork, painted backgrounds and layering.


My Ladyflowers

Rosalie Wakefield

Approximately 100 beautiful flowers done in Edmar Rayon. ISBN 0-9664040-3-3


Needle Lace - Techniques and Inspiration

Jill Nordfors Clark

Beautifully illustrated with both historical and contemporary samples and detailed instructions for completing a vast number of stitches. If the term 'art quilt' exists, this book is filled with 'art needlelace'. Real eye candy!


Needle Laces: Battenberg, Point & Reticella (second edition)

edited by Jules & Kaethe Kliot

A valuable how-to and resource on late 19th c. tape lace and needle lace techniques and designs. Includes a catalog of over 120 available heirloom patterns from the late 19th Century.


Needle-Made Laces and Net Embroideries

Doris Campbell Preston

Reticella, Carrickmacross and other traditional techniques.


Punch Crazy: Punchneedle Embroidery in Crazy Patchwork

Pamela Gurney

"Concentrates on a variety of ways to embellish a piece of Crazy Patchwork and to bring a plain piece of fabric to life. Offers many new and exciting designs, which can be taken and used anywhere you want."


Punchneedle Embroidery

Pamela Gurney

"Explains the techiques to master and the equipment required, then provides 27 projects to complete: babywear, gorgeous brooches and evening bags, and stunning items for the home." (Complete instructions, diagrams and color photos for each project plus the template for each piece is provided.)


Ribbon Embroidery

Masano and Megumi Onoe

(a Mokuba publication)

Japanese text. Create a variety of projects from pictures to reticule purses with beautiful ribbons. Traditional and new techniques include some interesting new flowers. Pictoral stitch instructions and easy to follow diagrams, with patterns included.


Ribbon Embroidery: Flower Patterns and Projects

Yukiko Ogura

(A Nihon Voque publication.)

English text. Lots of beautiful projects for the ribbon artist or the amature. Excellent diagrams, instructions and photos for basic stitches and variey of projects.


Ribbon Trimmings

edited by Jules & Kaethe Kliot

Originally published in the early years of the 20th c. by the Department of Millinery of the Woman's Institute, this is one of the most important sources for ribbon embellishment technique.


Romanian Point Lace: A course for beginners

Sylvia Murariu

A beginner's guide to a very beautiful bold lace technique in "Battenberg" form utilizing a hand crocheted braid and needlelace stitches.


Sadi Thread & Shisha Glass Embroidery

Betty Luke

Metal bullion and mirror embroidery. Stitchery and Needlelace from Threads Threads magazine A collection of articles on lace and embroidery techniques covering Battenberg lace, tatting, machine embriodery, ribbon work, etc.


Tambour Work

Yusai Fukuyama

Tambour work in embroidery and lace including bead and sequin embroidery. Both traditional and contemporary motifs. Well illustrated.


Tatted Lace of Beads: The Techniques of Beanile Lace

Nina Libin

Tatting with beads transformed into an art form through the innovative approach of the author in manipulating thread and bead.



Myra Piper

47 motifs.


Tatting: Adventures with Beads, Shuttle & Needle

Judith Connors

Charming projects including tatted eggs, a crown using shuttle and needle

tatting techniques.


Tatting: Designs from Victorian Lace (2nd Edition)

edited by Jules & Kaethe Kliot

An unabridged republication of several works from the early 1900's including the Priscilla TATTING BOOK NO.1. Projects include elaborate collars, bonnets, monograms, chatelaine and numerous yokes and edgings.


Tatting Collage

Lindsay Rogers

"Tatting collage is a simple way to create attractive designs by combining small motifs. Infinitely adaptable, it is ideal for anyone familiar with basic tatting techinques and looking for new ideas. Clear instructions for 65 small motifs, ranging from the simplest flower to complex miniature doileys." (Utilizes the combination of simple shapes to form free-form designs.)


Tatting Rings of Flowers

Mary Maynard

Dozens of flower motifs.


The Art of Tatting

Katherine Hoare

This is the only book to treat tatting as a fine art. With an introduction by H.M the Queen of Roumania, an avid tatter, the author explores tatting technique and presents with 54 plates, a collection of spectacular examples of garments, collars, edgings doilies and ecclesiastic pieces.


The Art of Theorem Painting: A History and Complete Instruction Manual

Linda Carter Lefko and Barbara Knickerbocker

"The chief purpose of this book, say the authors, is to provide a collection of authentic patterns for theorem painting on velvet and on paper, together with instructions on how to execute them."


Traditional Edgings to Crochet

edited by Rita Weiss

130 edgings from the 1940s and '50s. Vintage Tatting & Crochet, Book 1 edited by Barbara Foster Reprints of Lady Duff-Gordon Book of Crochet Edgings and Insertions (1917) and Old and New Designs in Tatting and Crochet Braids by Sophie T. LaCroix



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