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Books: Surface Design and Technique

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Surface Design and Technique

Painting, printing, overdyeing, fabric manipulation, imagery, stamping ...


A Colorful Book

Yvonne Porcella

A book of Yvonne's beautiful, colorful designs. It is a book to inspire you and show you the possibilities of combining colors.


Bonding and Beyond

Jan Beaney & Jean Littlejohn

"By combining various techniques in this book, you'll find endless possibilities for creating new and exciting works with fabrics, beads, glitter - what ever your imagination can develop. The authors' vast experience will help you avoid some problem areas and give you a sound basis for your own exciting work."


Color Moves: Transfer Paints On Fabric

Linda Kemshall

Learn how to create original designs on paper first, and then transfer them to fabric in a snap. Create glorious washes of color or intricate designs. Reproduce elaborate appliqué-style patterns without all the work. Even make miniature patchwork designs that skip the tricky piecing process. Five gorgeous projects, including stylish wall quilts and pillows walk you step-by-step through each transfer technique. Learn to work with transfer paints, inks, dyes, crayons and pens to create your own original designs and textures. Create special effects with paintbrushes, plastic wrap, salt, sponges, stencils and rubber stamps.


Color on Paper and Fabric

Ruth Issett

The rich surface patterns and finishes shown in Color on Paper and Fabric are created with the most accessible of materials and techniques. Using dyes, inks, paints and metallic powders, as well as paper and fabrics you may already have on hand, Issett shows how to create gorgeous effects for quilts, clothing, journals, notecards, scrapbooks, and furnishings.


Colors Changing Hue

Yvonne Porcella

A basic approach to fabric painting on a variety of fabrics with 20 projects.


Complex Cloth: A Comprehensive Guide to Surface Design

Jane Dunnewold

One-of-a-kind resource for a variety of surface-design techniques. Dunnewold's system of layering simple processes to produce intriguing surface designs. Experiment with fiber-reactive dyes, household bleach, fabric paints, water-based resists, photocopy transfers, foiling, silk screening, stenciling, stamping, embroidery, and beading to create your own sumptuous fabrics.


Creating with Paint: New Ways, New Materials

Sherrill Kahn

Use common materials to create sophisticated art without expensive supplies. Painting, sponging, resist techniques, stamping.


Creative Marbling on Fabric: A Guide to Making One-of-a-Kind Fabrics

Judy Simmons

Create your own artistic and elegant marbling effects on fabrics using 15 traditional patterns. Detailed instructions break down each pattern into easy-to-follow steps.


Dye Painting!

Ann Johnston

This book's clear instructions use a simple no-steam method for painting on cotton, rayon and silk with dye instead of paints. Excellent reference for technical questions as well as color theory and multiple techniques including painting, printing, resist and fabric manipulation.


Dyeing To Quilt: Quick Direct-Dye Methods for Quilt Makers

Joyce Mori and Cynthia Myerberg

"You may have heard it called "tea cup" dyeing. An excellent beginner's guide to dyeing specifically for the quilter. Covers both solid colors and mottled colors, gradation, two-color dye runs, color theory and more."


Dyes & Paints: A Hands-On Guide to Coloring Fabric

Elin Noble

Noble's techniques for dyeing and patterning fabric to any hue, value and design you desire. This comprehensive handbook covers all the fundamentals of dyeing and coloring fabric with MX fiber-reactive dyes and textile paints. Master immersion and direct-application dye techniques, including the basic dye bath, gradations, hand painting, and mono-printing, and textile paint techniques, including stamping, stenciling, sun printing, and marbling. Many of the techniques can be adapted for yarn, ribbon, paper, basket reed, and even wood.


Fabled Flowers

Kumiko Sudo

Innovative patterns inspired by Japanese Sashiko and Origami traditions. The 30 quilt blocks "combine the traditional arts of sashiko, origami, and flower arranging for a dazzling three-dimensional effect never seen before in quilting."


Fabric & Yarn Dyer's Handbook: Over 100 Inspirational Recipes for Dyeing and Decorating

Tracy Kendall

"This comprehensive hardcover with concealed spiral binding has over 100 easy-to-follow recipes to create a variety of one-of-a-kind fabrics. Ten exciting techniques are featured-from vat dyeing and batik to screen-printing and devoré."


Fabric Painting: A Simple Approach

Ginny Eckley

Eckley's easy-to-master methods for creating vivid, picturesque images on silk, cotton, and other fine fabrics. Using minimal equipment, water-soluble products, and a range of surprisingly easy techniques, anyone with a passion for original textiles can capture realistic, one-of-a-kind images on fabric with gorgeous results.


Fabric Stamping Handbook

Jean Ray Laury

"Jean Ray Laury shares her secrets for using rubber stamps and more in a whole new way, demonstrating how easy it is to print on fabric to make one-of-a-kind quilts, garments, and accessories. This guide to stamping on fabric comes complete with step-by-step instructions and dozens of how-to photographs for each step of the process, from lettering to all-over designs and everything in between. You'll also find everything you need to know about materials, paints, and supplies."


Fantasies & Flowers: Origami in Fabric for Quilters

Kumiko Sudo

Book features 30 completely new fabric origami designs. Each block combines simple piecing and appliqué techniques, showing even beginning quilters how to make perfect three-dimensional flowers.


Fantastic Fabric Folding

Rebecca Wat

Origami techniques with fabric.


Fantasy Fabrics: Techniques for Layered Surface Design

Bonnie Lyn McCaffery

Simple techniques for making original fabrics that will add texture and dimension to any fabric-based project. Learn to "capture" various colorful items (thread, ribbon, yarn, lace, silk flowers, beads, glitter, and more) under a layer of sheer fabric to create one-of-a-kind



Fantasy Floral Quilts: Creating with Silk Flowers

Bonnie Lyn McCaffery

Add incredible texture, dimension, and beauty by "capturing" and quilting colorful silk flowers under a layer of sheer fabric.


Fast & Fun Stenciled Quilts

Vicki Garnas

Using stencils, paints, fabric pens, threads, charms and more to add delightful details. (10 whimsical quilt plans.)


Gardens & More

Jan Beaney & Jean Littlejohn

"Suggestions and ideas to possibly revise your thoughts about creating unique stitched pieces inspired by a much loved subject with the use of transfer paints, bonding, free motion and traditional embroidery techniques and more."


Hand Dyed Fabric Made Easy

Adriene Buffington

Explore design possibilities of fiber-reactive dyes, surface treatments and textures, and produce coordinating color families. Eight different dyeing projects. Even beginners can get beautiful results with the simple techniques. Everything is dyed in plastic bags.


Hand Made Silk Paper

Kath Russon

"A wonderful selection of beautiful, original papers using silk fibres. They can be dyed, inlaid with flowers, leaves, threads or ribbons, manipulated into fascinating shapes, embellished with stitches or beads, moulded or made into stunning textured collages. Inspirational, fun and so easy to do!"


Imagery on Fabric: A Complete Surface Design Handbook

Jean Ray Laury

Covers the use of copiers, printers, drawing and painting, dye transfer, screen printing, light-sensitive printing, stamping, discharge, Polaroid transfers and more.


Jazz it Up: 101 Stitching and Embellishing Techniques

Judy Murrah

Methods for fabric manipulation and embellishment, fabric-enhancement section that covers appliqué, couching, ribbon work, pleating, tucking, and more; dimensional designs, such as tassled triangles, prairie points, shirring, and wrinkling.


Layers of Stitch

Valerie Campbell-Harding and Maggie Grey

The variety of materials used brings a mixed media element to Layers of Stitch and encourages readers to find new ways of stitching to create rich embroidered surfaces. Stunning machine embroidery from two of the most accomplished writers on the subject.


Subjects include: Making backgrounds with dyes, paints, stencils, appliqué and stitched backgrounds. Stitched motifs and slips, covering stabilizer, patterns and letters, free machining, scanned motifs and designing software. Combining backgrounds with motifs and slips to make finished items, including designing, layers and 3D shapes. Finishing techniques: edges, cords, braids and tassels.


Machine Embroidery Stitched Patterns

Valerie Campbell-Harding

Valerie presents new ways of adapting stitch patterns on a variety of fabrics and combining them with a range of techniques -- hand stitching, free machine embroidery, quilting, appliqué and beads. Swinging stitches, patterns and ribbons, stitching and slashing, quilting with patterns, machine-wrapped cords, stuffed ribbon braids and larger motifs are just some of the ideas included in this colorful book.


Machine Quilting with Decorative Threads

Maurine Noble and Elizabeth Hendricks

Techniques for quilting both through the needle and from the bobbin of your sewing machine; methods for couching curves, appliques, and angled shapes; how to work with decorative threads--and how to make them work for you


Magazine: Ornament

Published Quarterly by Ornament, Inc.

A showcase of Ornamental art for the body. Stunning photographs and useful articles. Described by ScarletZebra as, "More inspiration and design education packed in each issue than a college course!"


Magazine: Surface Design Journal

A quarterly publication of the Surface Design Association, a non-profit educational organization.

An artist's approach to surface design and embellishment. "Every issue is full of stunning color photos and fantastic articles."


Making Memories with Fabric, Photos & Family Keepsakes

Margaret Sindelar

Ideas for using antique photos, birth and wedding certificates, and special lockets, cameos, beads, and buttons in your projects. Instructions for creating six memory quilts and other projects, including vests, embroidered pillows, keepsake bags, etc.


Memory Quilts: Delightful Ways to Capture Today Forever

Nancy Smith and Linda Milligan

Chapters include selecting, organizing, invitations, tools and supplies, personalizing, quiltmaking techniques, documenting, inspiration; also includes patterns and quilting designs.


Memory Quilts in the Making Leisure Arts

(For the Love of Quilting), edited by Rhonda Richards

Contains 23 signature-quilt patterns, 4 Fond Memories patterns, 6 Handkerchief and Memorabilia patterns, 4 T-shirt patterns, 6 Photo Transfer quilt patterns; helpers (applique, rubber stamps, joining blocks, signing blocks, etc.).


On the Surface: Thread Embellishment & Fabric Manipulation

Wendy Hill

Simple techniques, using a straight stitch, for creating texture in fabrics.


Photo Memories in Fabric: Quilts and More

Lynda Milligan and Nancy Smith of Possibilities

Discusses making photo transfers, transferring to fabric, sewing and washing of the fabric. Book contains lots of ideas; full-color pictures and examples throughout.


Photo Quilts

Ami Simms

Directions for photos on fabrics with transfer sheets.


Quilting your Memories

Sandy Bonsib

Inspirations for designing with image transfers. Many image transfer projects in this book are not quilts in the traditional fashion, but are wall hangings meant to be displayed and intended to be heirlooms.


Six Color World

Yvonne Porcella

Create extraordinary hand painted fabric using Yvonne's techniques. Exercises in surface design allow you to experiment with a variety of methods for putting paint onto fabric using resists, salt, brushes, sponges, rubber stamps & more. Ideas abound with Yvonne's techniques for transferring images to fabric & suggestions for surface embellishment.


Stitch Magic Ideas & Interpretation

Jan Beaney & Jean Littlejohn

"Using a wide range of fabrics, threads and materials now available, Jan and Jean give embroiderers the inspiration to experiment with the basic hand stitches to create infinite stitch interpretations. Over 90 photographs of stitched pieces introduce a breathtaking range of new work by the authors as well as stitching from different cultures and a selection of other contemporary work. A chapter covering unusual backgrounds including bonding applications, foils, Tyvek, acrylic waxes, cellophane, and more provides a fertile ground for imaginative work."


Surfaces for Stitch

Gwen Hedley

This is an ideal book for embroiderers who are interested in developing new and exciting surfaces for stitch. In eight main sections, materials such as polythene and cellophane, as well as fibrous films, adhesive webbing, foams and puff paint, are combined with fabric and thread to produce innovative and inspirational work. The book covers various exciting techniques, including fusing and bonding, laminating and layering, manipulating and molding. Its "recipe" format with clear step-by-step explanations of the various processes makes these lively techniques simple to master. Tyvek beads, jewelry, books and boxes are some projects she gives instruction for. Hedley provides ideas for further extending and developing detailed guidance on the stitching techniques.


Take Silk: A Guide to Silk "Paper" for the Creative Fiber Artist

Judith Pinnell

"A decade ago almost nobody had heard of it. Today, all the color and richness of silk can be transferred to paper when you follow the methods developed by one of the founders of the art. Learn to make your own silk paper, then use your favorite hand or machine embroidery techniques to try all the possibilities. Silk-paper embroidery is so new you'll probably invent something yourself! Wrap an ordinary box with leftover fabric scraps. Match an elegant silk-covered purse with a brooch, hat, and other accessories."


Threadplay with Libby Lehman

Libby Lehman

Subtitled: Mastering Machine Embroidery Techniques

Create ribbon illusions and learn how to do sheer stitching, thread painting, bobbin drawing, and couching.


Transfer to Transform

Jan Beaney & Jean Littlejohn

"Add the use of transfer paints to your repertoire by exploring the strategies for developing color sensitivity as well as awareness for fabric and surface qualities which may be enriched by transfer coloring in any of its many forms."


Voluptuous Velvet

Jean Littlejohn

"Velvet has always been viewed as a luxury fabric and can be made from a number of natural and synthetic fibers. This book highlights the techniques for embellishing velvet with applique and free bonding, and hand and machine stitching for a glorious affect. It includes a range of dyeing and painting methods for velvet."


Yvonne Porcella: Art & Inspiration

Yvonne Porcella

The designs presented serve as a point of inspiration from which you would then develop your own original work.



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