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Book Research: Brinnsmom (Tami)


Books/Magazines: BEADING

Embroidery with beads, beaded motifs, ETC.


Bead Embroidery

by Valerie Campbell-Harding and Pamela Watts

How to choose, select and make a variety of beads for all forms of hand and machine embroidery.


Bead Embroidery

by Joan Edwards

A reprint of the bead work classic covering virtually all techniques, with emphasis on conceptual design. Beads and their relationship to textiles are fully explored in words and drawings. Instructions are given for a variety of techniques.


Beaded Clothing Techniques

by Therese Spears

“A succinct but thorough booklet that covers the techniques for applying beads to fabric or leather. Step-by-step instructions and useful hints. Techniques cover bead embroidery, Lazy Stitch, beaded fringe, scatter beading, edgings and using a tambour shuttle.”


Beaded Dimensional Embroidery

by Helan Pearce

“The 14 projects featured here are suitable for all skill levels and show just what can be accomplished with brightly colored beads and a little imagination. Projects include a dazzling evening bag, a cozy bed throw, an old-fashioned Christmas ornament, and a wondrous assortment of leaves, vines, and flowers suitable for adorning clothing and linens, among other creative ideas. Some 100 color photographs bring the beading techniques to vivid life, and there’s also a stitch index, complete materials lists, and other useful resources.”


Beaded Embellishment: Techniques & Designs for Embroidering on Cloth

by Amy C. Clarke, Robin Atkins

Beaders, quilters, and fiber artists will find this book invaluable for its technical information about how to apply beads to cloth, resulting in unique creations that will stand the test of time. This guide teaches about bead embroidery stitches; seed, bugle, novelty, and charm beads; woven, non-woven, and knitted clothes; and Nymo, embroidery, and cotton sewing threads. The four foundation stitches as well as several variations on those stitches are illustrated. In addition, 10 projects, ranging from simple to complex, give beaders a chance to apply this new skill. Projects include an embellished small bag, an embellished jean jacket pocket, decorative pins, necklaces, and an embellished scarf.


Beads to Buckskins Volume 4

by Peggy Sue Henry

This volume’s topics include Cross Stitching with Beads, Loom Beading without a Loom, Business Tips, Creative Netting, Embroidery with Beads, Inlaying Beadwork into Leather.


Beautiful Beading: A Beginner’s Guide

by Ruth Wilson

Bead embellishment on clothing or decorative objects. “This book makes even the most complex beading designs accessible and the clarity of text and diagrams means that it is very easy for beginners to follow.”


Embroidery Beading ~ Designs & Techniques

by Maisie Jarratt

Carries on from “How To Bead,” in which the methods and techniques of embroidery beading are explained.


Embroidery with Beads

by Angela Thompson

“Beadwork on fabric explained and explored, tambour and other beading techniques, beaded smocking and quilting, beaded edges, fringes, tassels and cords; and a resource list.”


Fine Embellishment Techniques

Jane Conlon

Subtitled: “Classic Details for Today’s Clothing”

Conlon, a frequent contributor to Threads magazine, divides embellishment techniques into 5 major types: Beading (including tambour), thread work, trims, aplique, and bindings/pipings. “Readers will learn they don’t have to be experts to add embellishment techniques from the 1920s, ‘30s, and ‘40s to their wardrobes. They’ll discover the possibilities of adding thread work, beading, trims, piping, and more to garments. These projects are elegant and sophisticated and especially appealing to those who like glamour but not glitz. Detailed instructions, and 70 color photographs are featured, offering design inspiration of all kinds ...”


Les Perles

Paulette Rousset (French text)

Bead embroidery on fabric with step-by-step instructions for a variety of techniques and patterns for flowers, alphabets and figures.


Magazine: Bead & Button Kalmbach Publishing Co. 6 issues per year (February, April, June, August, October, December)


Magazine: Beadwork Interweave Press Publishes six times a year.


Off the Beadin’ Path

Nancy Eha

Subtitled: “Discovering your own Creative Trail of Bead Embellishment”

A series of readings and exercises designed to help you unleash your creative talents.


One Bead at a Time

by Robin Atkins

Subtitled: Exploring Creativity with Bead Embroidery.

“Learn to stitch beads on fabric improvisationally, creating art work which is compelling, inspired, beautiful, fun and satisfying to make.”


Stitch of Beads Ondori Japanese

Bead embroidery for embellishment on accessories and wearables using printed and and textured fabrics.


Straits Chinese Beadwork & Embroidery: A Guidebook for Collectors

Ho Wing Meng

Fascinating information about the Straits Chinese culture, and detailed information about how the beadwork was created.


The Beading Book

Julia Jones

Covers beading with embroidery, quilting, smocking, crocheting, knitting, weaving. Appropriate for experienced or beginning beaders.


Art of Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Judith Baker Montano

Features projects and 12 needle artists who specialize in SRE.


Artful Ribbon, The

Candace Kling

Create beautiful, creative ribbonwork with her simple, straightforward techniques for both beginning and advanced ribbon enthusiasts.


A~Z of Bullions Australian publication by Country Bumpkin,

the publishers of Inspirations magazine.

Step-by-step instructions for more than 120 bullion flowers and figures.


A~Z of Embroidered Flowers Australian publication by Country Bumpkin,

the publishers of Inspirations magazine.

100 glorious blooms brought to life with needle and thread. A fabulous book of designs with easy instructions, full-size patterns and more than 120 step-by-step colour photographs.


A~Z of Embroidery Stitches Australian publication by Country Bumpkin, the publishers of Inspirations magazine.

Subtitled: "A complete manual for the beginner to the advanced embroiderer." Compendium of stitches as used in issues 1-13 of Inspirations magazine.


A~Z of Ribbon Embroidery Australian publication by Country Bumpkin, the publishers of Inspirations magazine.

A complete manual on silk ribbon embroidery for the beginner through advanced embroiderer. More than 40 designs to delight and inspire you, clear instructions, and step-by-step photographs to guide you. "This book is like having the teacher looking over your shoulder."


A~Z of Wool Embroidery Australian publication by Country Bumpkin, the publishers of Inspirations magazine.

A treasure trove of stitches, hints and designs for beginners and beyond. Hundreds of step-by-step colour photographs with easy-to-follow instructions.


Beginner's Guide to Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Ann Cox

Includes instructions for painting and stenciling fabric backgrounds. Suitable for the beginner and more experienced embroiderer.


Beginner's Guide to Stumpwork

Kay Dennis

A very different approach to stumpwork technique than the Aussie approach, this is heavily weighted to needlelace. Filled with exquisite needlelace figures as only the English could do.


Big Book of Little Ribbon Embroidery Designs (100 designs)

Deanna Hall West (produced by Rita Weiss)

This is a charming book by the American School of Needlework (#3411)


Brazilian Embroidery

Christina Entwistle

Includes 12 designs, stitch glossary and templates for the designs.


Bullion Stitch Embroidery

Jenny Bradford

Milner Craft Series Stitch instructions for many projects with different flowers, from roses to wildflowers.


Complete Guide to Silk Ribbon Embroidery: Basic Step-by-Step Techniques Victoria Adams Brown

(Flexi-back binding)

Author: "I designed this book to be user friendly for the novice embroiderer. By creating a recipe-type format, the stitcher could plan the amount of time she needed

to execute a project."


A Complete Guide to Creative Embroidery

Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn

This book is divided into two sections: the first, "Design to Embroider" by Jean Littlejohn develops ideas showing that anyone can design as well as decorate fabric and paper for embroidery. The second, "Stitched Images" by Jan Beaney, illustrates how to colour fabric and combine this with stitchery. She then looks at ways of interpreting designs using appliqué, patchwork, quilting and hand and machine embroidery. The final section gives guidance on selecting a theme.


Creative Embroidery, Your Comprehensive Guide to County Craft Series

(magazine format)

Beautiful, beautiful projects to master the basics of creative embroidery. Australian publication.


Creative Hand Embroidery : Exquisite Countryside Scenes in Simple Stitches

Sue Newhouse

Straight stitches, french knots, and lazy daisies are about as complicated as it gets.


Creative Ideas for Machine Embroidery

Corliss Miller

"Contemporary interpretations of Elizabethan Motifs are explored as Corliss shares ideas and patterns for a variety of soft furnishings - cushions, wall hangings, mirror frames and more. Instructions on use of wax crayons, drawing inks, oil pastels, metallic paints and oil bars are given, and drawing techniques are also outlined and applied to sewing techniques."


Creative Ribbon Embroidery

Salli van Rensburg

A lovely cross-section of ideas for ribbon work, from clothing to cushions, clocks, towels, hatboxes, etc.


Dimensional Embroidery

Helan Pierce

An array of flowers, created in stumpwork and surface embroidery, with ample instructions for the novice. Published in Australia, this dimensional embroidery book combines wool threads and silk threads with stumpwork techniques to create softly coloured, life-like dimensional projects. Motifs are traced onto Pellon-type medium-weight, nonwoven interfacing. You will also need "Solvy" water-soluble stabilizer or similar. Helan uses a fine cotton fabric behind her backgrounds for added stability, a feature particularly important when applying weightier dimensional objects to them. Helan seals the edges of individual motifs with long-and-short buttonhole stitch. Projects include gorgeous gardens and garden motifs on cushions, stools, in pictures, on a basket and on a blanket.


Dreams 'n Velvet

RibbonWorks publications

"Twelve floral designs plus an owl, a parrot, and a spider with web, are included. Full color photos of each design close up, full-color charts, and complete instructions are included."


Elegant Stitches: An Illustrated Stitch Guide and Source Book of Inspiration

Judith Baker Montano

Comprehensive stitch guide. Each stitch is given a clear diagram, and many also include color photos.


Embellishing with Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Esther Randall

Silk ribbon embroidery with an introduction to machine silk ribbon embroidery.


Embellishments from A to Z

Stephanie Valley

An Embellishment Idea Book from Taunton with more than 45 techniques.


Embroidering With Silk Ribbon

Donatella Ciotti

"The emphasis here is on a mastery of the basics; no pictures and text are spared to ensure that stitchers clearly understand the material needs--such as ribbons, fabrics, and needles--and the more than 22 stitches, a broader array than the regular running, couching, and lazy daisy varieties."


Embroidery: Step-by-step directions and techniques for hand & machine stitching

Dorothy Wood

Fabulous pics with samples of stitches in 3(!) different threads


Enchanted Garden, The

Cindy Zlotnik Oravecz

3-dimensional flowers grow in an inspiring rainbow of colours; create miniature flowers from fabric or ribbon.


Encyclopedia of Ribbon Embroidery BORDERS

Deanna Hall West (produced by Rita Weiss)

Another winner by this author from the American School of Needlework (#3412)


Exploring Elizabethan Embroidery

Dorothy Clarke (with designs by Stephanie Powell)

Introduction to "New Elizabethan" coloured silk embroidery. Beautiful!


Exquisite Ribbon Accessories

Yukiko Ogura

Create gorgeous flowers to adorn exquisite cosmetics bags, jewelery, clothing bridal, hats and more. Just as Japanese Origami is an art form in its own right, these delicate flowers are masters of ribbon art.


Floral Stitches

Judith Baker Montano

Detailed advice on the process of adapting photos, drawings & other references to fabric art. Includes many tips for working mixed mediums.


Garden Landscapes in Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Helen Dafter

Milner Craft Series


Gardening with Ribbon

Diane Herbort & Bonnie Benson

Instructions with step-by-step drawings for wire-edged French ribbon flowers & leaves. "Great for classes."


Glorious Ribbons

Christine Kingdom

From making ribbon-trimmed quilts & cushions, to creating stunning table decorations & gift wrapping. Step-by-step instructions for 50+ projects.


Gourmet Embellishments with Metallic Threads & Fibers

Debbie Garbers and Janet O'Brien

"Contains a series of embellishment exercises which will help you explore techniques, needles, metallic threads, fibres and related supplies."


Handbook of Stitches

Grete Petersen and Elsie Svennas

200 embroidery stitches, old and new, with descriptions, diagrams and samplers.


Hand Embroidered Country Scenes

Sue Newhouse

Create dimensional scenes using stumpwork, ribbon embroidery and surface techniques. Said to be "similar to Painting With Thread but uses more variety of embroidery techniques and includes crafting techniques, to create dimension."


Into the Garden

Cindy Zlotnik Oravecz

Dimensional flowers


Judith Baker Montano: Art & Inspirations

Judith Baker Montano

Some tips and techniques on ribbon embroidery and crazy quilting, but it's mostly INSPIRING to look through.


Kaye Pyke's Elegant Embroidery

Kaye Pyke and Lynne Landy

Beautiful, sophisticated stitchery with panache, that's easy to do. Pyke is well-known for her style of combining rich & sumptuous texture with a dramatic use of stitches.


Machine Embroidery Stitched Patterns

Valerie Campbell-Harding

"Presents new ways of adapting stitch patterns on a variety of fabrics and combining them with a range of techniques - hand stitching, free machine embroidery, quilting, applique and beads. Swinging stitches, patterns and ribbons, stitching and slashing, quilting with patterns, machine-wrapped cords, stuffed ribbon braids and larger motifs are just some of the ideas included in this colorful book."


Metallic Thread Embroidery

Jacqueline Friedman Kreinik

Practical guide to stitching creatively with metallic threads; a comprehensive study of stitching with metallics.


More Silk Ribbon Embroidery By Machine

Marie Duncan and Betty Farrell

Basic silk ribbon embroidery techniques along with beading, bobbin thread embroidery, making twisted thread and more.


My Lady Flowers

Rosalie Wakefield

80 floral designs and more than 100 detailed stitch techniques for Brazilian Embroidery.


Needlelace Designs and Techniques: Classic and Contemporary

Catherine Barley

Back in print in paperback, Mrs. Barley is English and her stumpwork reflects that by being heavily weighted to needlelace, which her book diagrams well. This book will teach, inspire and guide you to reach new heights in your stumpwork technique. (This book is not intended for the beginner.)


Old-Fashioned Ribbon Art: Ideas and Designs for Accessories and Decorations Dover Publications

Easy-to-follow instructions from the Ribbon Art Publishing Company for more than 100 projects for embellishing hats, purses, scarves, lingerie, blankets, lampshades, pillows, etc.


Old-Fashioned Ribbon Trimmings and Flowers

Mary Brooks Picken/Dover Publications

Describes more than 30 ways to add decorative touches. Easy instructions for folding and sewing strips of ribbon into dramatic bows, ruffles and bands; and fashioning them into daisies, grapes, chrysanthemums, rosebuds, violets, petunias, dahlias, sunflowers and more. Profusely illustrated.


Painting with Thread

Kit Nicol

Learn to create detailed, textured, three-dimensional pieces in stumpwork, needlelace and ribbon embroidery!


Ribbon Basics

Mary Jo Hiney and Joy Anckner

Subtitled: All the stitches and techniques of silk ribbon work and embroidery. Includes floral alphabet.


Ribbon Bouquet

Kathy Pace

Subtited: A Guide to French Ribbon Flowers and Silk Ribbon Embroidery


Ribbon Embroidery

J. Marsha Michler

Dover Needlework Series publication with 178 iron-on transfers.


Ribbon Embroidery by Machine

Marie Duncan, Betty Farrell (Contributor)

Ribbon embroidery techniques that can be done on any sewing machine. "With step-by-step instructions and diagrams, plus the occasional photo, Duncan and Farrell explain the basics of reproducing many of the traditional hand-embroidery stitches and embroidered floral motifs on the machine."


Ribbon Embroidery for Crazy Quilts

American School of Needlework publication #4201

59 ribbon designs by the Kooler Design Studios; divided into categories of butterflies, bouquets, flowers, birds, foliage and plants, fruit and afterthoughts. (26 pages.)


Ribbon Renaissance: Artistry in Silk

Helena Ericksson

"Create exquisite works of art rich with colors and textures using the beautiful techniques of ribbon embroidery ... imbued with the romance and charm that only ribbonwork can capture. All necessary stitches are fully illustrated, so that even a beginner can make the daffodils, daisies, roses, tulips, carnations, irises, herbs, and other beauties."


Ribbon Trims: An Embellishment Idea Book

Nancy Nehring

An embellishment idea book from Taunton teaching you how to turn any ribbon into a great trim! More than 45 different trim ideas.


Ribbon Trimmings: A Course in 6 Parts (1922 reprint)

The Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts & Sciences Inc.

"A goldmine of ribbon folding & manipulating techniques. ... wonderful collection of braided ribbon bands."


Romancing Ribbons into Flowers: Instructions, Inspiration, Resources

Elly Sienkiewicz

"This is the ultimate guide to making ribbon flowers, ... Illustrated profusely ... this book is encyclopedic in scope, featuring numerous techniques and simple, effective methods presented in a lesson format for self-study or group enrichment. The bountiful projects ... will delight lovers of Victoriana, designers of heirloom

quilts, devotees of chic ornaments and festive attire, and all who love the romance and beauty of ribbon artistry."


Romantic Silk Ribbon Keepsakes

Mary Jo Hiney

40+ projects, easy-to-follow instructions.


Secrets of Fashioning Ribbon Flowers: Heirlooms for the Next Generation

Helen Gibb

"... the process of fashioning more than 15 stunning flowers: roses, pansies, violets, sweet peas, carnations, peonies, to name just a few. After you've competed these gorgeous flowers, you'll learn innovative ways to use them ..."


Shadow Work Embroidery

J. Marsha Michler

Dover Needlework Series publication with 108 iron-on transfer patterns.


Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Sheena Cable

Detailed, practical guide with many projects and ideas, traditional and modern. Profusely illustrated in color throughout.


Silk Ribbon Embroidery from Clothing to Quilts Piecemakers

Beautiful, do-able projects.


Simple Art of Ribbon Design, The

Deborrah Henry

Simple techniques especially for beginners. This book focuses on simple techniques and projects. You spend your time creating instead of struggling with difficult techniques. The book also has on-line addresses to buy supplies.


Splended Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Chris Rankin

Subtitled: Embellishing clothing, linens and accessories.


Stitches and Decorative Seams

Grete Petersen

(translation by Carol L. Shroeder)

Charming 93-page book with unique seam treatments.


Stitches of Creative Embroidery (Revised and Enlarged Edition, 1987)

Jacqueline Enthoven

This classic book of embroidery stitch instructions shows more than 200 different stitches, many of them endangered ethnic types which have not been in print before. Many countries including France, Spain, India, Mexico, and the Orient are represented. (ISBN: 0887401112)


Stumpwork Embroidery: A Collection of Fruits, Flowers and Insects for Contemporary Raised Embroidery

Jane Nicholas

"A clear and comprehensive guide to all the traditional techniques such as surface stitchery, padded appliqué, needlelace, and wired, detached embroidered shapes." (Full instructions and illustrations for more than 40 projects.)


Stumpwork Embroidery: Designs & Projects

Jane Nicholas

Nicholas' second book.


Stumpwork: Sculpture with a Needle

Janet M. Davis

Featuring designs in this raised, wired and padded embroidery. Written for all, but with beginners in mind. Requirements are given for main stitching with DMC Stranded Cottons or DMC Rayon threads. Patchwork fabric have been used to stitch on, but alternative fabrics are also suggested. Step-by-step stitching and technique instructions. "Design your own" chapter.


Stumpwork -- Why Not?

Daphne Ashby and Jackie Woolsey

Chapters are devoted to creating life-like images, focusing on leaves and flowers stitched with different threads, and emphasizing the impact of correct shading and wire placement. The final chapter concerns animals.


Take a Stitch: Techniques and Designs for Brazilian Embroidery Rosalie M. Wakefield

More than 130 stitches for intermediate to advanced Brazilian embroidery with a creative approach to dimensional embroidery.


The Art Of Dimensional Embroidery Maria A. Freitas

Detailed instructions for 41 flowers and leaves using 29 stitches.


The Art and Craft of Ribbon Work edited by Jules & Kathe Kliot

Originally published in 1918, this ribbon work classic details the manipulation of ribbon for bows, millinery, costume and accessories. Reprinted with selections from other contemporary manuals.


The New Ribbon Embroidery: Innovative, Easy Techniques for Embellishing

Victoria Adams Brown

"Provides stitchers and crafters with inspiration and a wealth of new ideas by surveying a wide range of creative options, including painting and dyeing ribbons and fabrics, stitching animals, flowers and crazy-quilt embellishments and easy applique techniques, as well as how rubber stamping, stenciling, watercolor and polymer clay can be used to enrich ribbon embroidery designs." (Sequel to The Complete Guide to Silk Ribbon Embroidery.)


The Stori Book of Embellishing: Great Ideas for Quilts and Garments

Mary Stori

"Rather than providing patterns for duplication, the goal is to present imaginative and creative ideas to be used for your own projects"


Three-Dimensional Flowers in Ribbon & Fabric

Joyce Randall

"Sixteen flower designs in ribbon embroidery, some quite large, demonstrating the exciting three-dimensional effects which can be created with ribbons & fabric."


Vanishing Act

Jan Beaney

"For creative embroiderers, water soluble stabilizer ... provides a base for which decorative threads, machine stitches and other embellishments may be used to create a new 'fabric' or lace.' The author provides information, instruction and inspiration for many exciting projects."



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